10 Things Men Need In A Relationship

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We men know what our number one need is in our relationship.  Here are the 10 most-expressed needs I’ve heard from my clients:

You need to be number one.   You need to know you’re more important than your wife’s friends, hobbies, family or job.

You need intimacy.  It’s hard to be intimate when you’re overwhelmed with your woman. You need her to be accessible and responsive.

You need her to be vulnerable. You’re there for her but she’s not. You want to engage.


You need admiration.   Her acknowledgement and admiration for what you do is essential. It helps you feel like you’re a valuable part of her life.


You need her to synchronize with you.  You want her to be available for you and to feel free to help you and back you up in the things that matter to you without her becoming angry or vengeful.


You need her to look after and support you. Maybe not physical protection but from being belittled. You want to know she’s there for you and she has your back.


You need your opinion to matter. You want your judgement given serious consideration and weight before a decision. You need serious respect.


You need a woman of character and integrity. You need to trust her, to know she’s the type of woman a daughter would admire and a son would want as a wife.

You need to be hugged. Not just for sex, but just to feel cherished and admired.

You need to be included. You need to connect with her in a significant way (not just sexually). You need space to share your life with her.

You need security. 

You want to get through to her.

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