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“I am exhausted from trying to be stronger than I feel.”

My online counseling clients have a few things in common…

If you’re comfortable with a phone, laptop or tablet you can contact a therapist immediately.

The terms used for this type of counseling are known as telepsychology, itherapy, technology assisted counseling, web therapy, video counseling, online therapy…the list goes on.

Modern ways of communicating continue to change our opinions about how we view counseling.  The field of psychology is actively researching its use and effectiveness.  Psychology wants to know if it’s working for you.  It wants to know its effectiveness compared to traditional in-office sessions.  The science is still evolving, just like our technology and mysteries remain.  Even so, recent research indicates equal effectiveness between in-person and online therapy.

We have also become used to connecting online.  For some, connecting with a therapist on video is like talking to family, friends or business associates.  Many of us are actually more at ease talking with someone online than we are in person.  

Online Counseling Is Convenient:  Online video counseling is more accessible and flexible to fit into your tight schedule.  It lets you meet me in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, on the road or wherever you are.  This means you experience greater ease and far less constraints.  We don’t have to meet in the same location.  You can schedule a video appointment with me no matter where you live in Texas.

 You Maintain Anonymity:  They recognize the strong sense of anonymity they experience with online video counseling frees them to reveal the core issues quickly, resulting in quicker solutions or insights. Clients include sports figures, mid- to upper-management men, doctors, public figures, entrepreneurs, salesmen and lawyers. Some of these men live in remote or rural areas and they appreciate maintaining that level of privacy. 

You Save Time:  Often, driving to a counseling appointment consumes as much time as a counseling session. Navigating Austin traffic and finding parking takes valuable time and energy that would be better spent on other obligations.  You know what its like sitting in a waiting room.   

How Can You Start Online Sessions?

Easily.  Call or text me to arrange a free phone consultation.  I’ll provide you with the link to access my online waiting room that complies with US privacy law standards. 

You’ll see what it’s like before you decide. 

If you’re comfortable with it,  I’ll send you the documentation to complete through a secure link.  

Call or Text

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