High-accountability Men

Experiencing Anxiety

You’re a successful man. But, you’re unhappy and dissatisfied.

You see yourself as honest, reliable and fair-minded. But, you feel stuck, depressed, angry and anxious.

You aren’t “in crisis”.  Rather, you aspire greatly to be decent, to work, to provide, to nurture and to love.

You want to be a loving, sharing partner and a caring friend.

You’re ready to open up about your mental health and you see this as a real opportunity.

Others see only one side of you and miss the rest.  It could be you’re too modest to show off how you really feel.

I’ll Meet You As You Are…And As You Want To Be

You’ll gain knowledge and power to do something about what you’re experiencing.

You won’t feel cornered or stuck anymore.

And, you’ll recognize victory over what has held you back for years.

I work exclusively with men who are ready to take their lives to the next level.

Clarity Is Power

I’m the highest-rated counseling practice in Austin, Texas specializing in men’s mental health. 

I’m not a “jack-of-all trades and master of none”.  That means I only see men, unlike most other therapists who see couples, women, children, families — and men. 

At Texas Mens Therapy, it’s all about you.  You aren’t an after-thought.  You’re front and center.  First and foremost. 

If you are experiencing anger, anxiety, depression or relationship challenges, I’m the man to see.

I provide a unique men-centric environment tailored to the complex needs of men that’s comfortable, convenient and built exclusively for you.

Things men struggle with are normal.

It’s about self-help.

It’s about achievement and skill building.

It’s about breaking through barriers.


Create The Life You Can Be Proud Of





3800 North Lamar Blvd., Suite 200
Austin, TX  78756


111 Congress, Suite 400
Austin, TX 78701


1 Chisholm Trail, Suite 450
Round Rock, TX  78681

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