Most of the time, fear has controlled the decisions you’ve made in your life.  You yearn for power and control, to love fully and to be loved.  You’re ready to look at how your past life patterns are continuing to impact your life and you want to do something about it. You want to stop missing life.

You want to stop your panic attacks.

Finding and working with a therapist is one of the most significant personal investments you will make for your well being.  Researching a therapist helps you make the best choice.

I encourage you to explore my website and contact me with any questions.

I’m Richard Pino, LMSW, a mental health therapist providing counseling for men in Austin, Texas.  


  I work exclusively with men.

All men excel in some areas and struggle in others.  We can maximize your strengths and develop solutions to reach your goal.

I too have experienced anxiety and uncertainty and disabling fear.  I didn’t want to lose what I had.  I had everything but I felt like I had nothing. I wanted my self-respect back.

My individual men’s counseling services in Austin can assist you with getting your mind headed in the right direction.

You want to talk to someone who won’t judge you or tell you what you should do.  You want to clarify your thinking.

You may be under so much pressure that it’s affecting your job.  You can’t focus and you’re worried if things get any worse, you’ll ruin what you’ve worked so hard for.

Its common for men to put off seeing a therapist  for way too long.  Men often believe their problems will work themselves out.  They disregard the issues or shut down and don’t address the greater problems. Many men prefer a male men’s therapist because they feel more comfortable talking about men’s issues to someone of their own gender.

Your situation may have you feeling:

  • Irritated
  • Held up
  • Confused
  • Powerless
  • Negative
  • Angry
  • Anxious

But, you really want to work on your relationship.  You realize it’s not hopeless and you want to make an effort to restore it before you decide to move on.  You value what you have built together and you want to keep it and you realize you can’t do it without professional insight.

I want to help you work your way through your uncertainty and indecision.  I’m a  counselor who specializes in working with men.  I help those who are having difficulties controlling their anxiety and who want to increase their happiness an passion.  Like you, they want clarity and control.

With individual men’s counseling, I help you recognize ways to relate better to yourself and your world.  You’ll feel better, feel less anxious, less pressure.  You won’t be stuck in a haze.

I’ll help you identify what needs attention and how to best deal with the issues to reduce your anxious conflict and increase your satisfaction.

Find out how individual counseling can support you.

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 If you like where this is going, let’s test things out.  If it continues to go well, we’ll keep doing it for as long as it feels right.  First, let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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I not only do therapy, I built my life with it.

I’ve accomplished a ton in my 55 years. I’ve done a great job in my marriage, with my boys and overcome a dysfunctional upbringing.

It hasn’t come easy.

As a licensed therapist, I work with you to refine your life, to get through the challenge you face.

As a fellow man, I help you make educated decisions about your masculine journey and guide you in planning your way to get where you want to be.

It’s never been harder to be a man than now.  Many men have met the challenge head on and have sought out a professional therapist.

How I can help you

My goal is to help you stop worrying about your life, your relationship and help you enjoy life more.  I help you be a better you.  I help you find solutions and support the issues you face as a man.

I have worked with men of different ages and cultures.  Each man was more than just part of a therapist/client arrangement.  These were working partnerships unique to each man, unique to each challenge each man faced.

Because each man has a different story and goal, so does my work.  Some clients are struggling with a new or established marriage, others are battling the effects of past relationships, an addiction, a traumatic history or a mixture of all these.

My passion is to help each man, not only make his life the best it can be, but to help him learn new skills that he can use immediately to get his life under control.   It’s to be there for him like another man was there for me.

I’m a counselor who assists men who are wrestling with their relationship.  I help increase their connection, sexual satisfaction and closeness.  Often, they are ambivalent about their situation and benefit from an outsider’s perspective.

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2324 East Cesar Chavez Street

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Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)

Online Counseling

My online counseling clients have a few things in common…

They Value Convenience:  Online video counseling is more accessible and flexible to fit into your tight schedule.  It lets you meet me in the comfort and privacy of your home, office, on the road or wherever you are.  This means you experience greater ease and far less constraints.  We don’t have to meet in the same location.  You can schedule a video appointment with me no matter where you live in Texas.

 They Maintain Anonymity:  They recognize the strong sense of anonymity they experience with online video counseling frees them to reveal the core issues quickly, resulting in quicker solutions or insights. Clients include sports figures, mid- to upper-management men, doctors, public figures, entrepreneurs, salesmen and lawyers. Some of these men live in remote or rural areas and they appreciate maintaining that level of privacy. 

They Save Time:  Often, driving to a counseling appointment consumes as much time as a counseling session. Navigating Austin traffic and finding parking takes valuable time and energy that would be better spent on other obligations.  You know what its like sitting in a waiting room.   

How Can You Start Online Sessions?

Easily.  Call or text me to arrange a free phone consultation.  I’ll provide you with the link to access my online waiting room that complies with US privacy law standards.  In other words, you’ll see what it’s like before you decide.  If you’re comfortable with it,  I’ll send you the documentation to complete through a secure online platform.  No paperwork.   

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2324 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX  78702
Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)


Bottom Line?  You’ll Function Better

Anxiety Counseling

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Men describe panic attacks differently but they all say it feels like they’re being attacked.  I’m fully aware of this because of my own experience with it, both as a therapist and as a client.  It feels like being run over by an invisible semi-truck—over and over again—head on.  It’s a deep and intense fear of what can happen, and when experiencing a panic attack, it’s like dying but you’re dead alive.  It’s like feeling death in all its anguish.

Oh, and there’s an intense fear of a surprise panic attack and reliving all that anguish all over again, again and again.

Anxiety (or panic) attacks have emotional and behavioral signs.  These signs are focused on the future that is doom, destruction, loss, dread and annihilation.  It’s about taking extreme steps to avoid places or thoughts that set off the fear.  And usually it’s never enough because panic is a sneak that makes fun of you and shakes the hell out of you.  It lives and sleeps in your brain and consumes every little amount of success you have.  It’s about high arousal and inability to relax or stay calm.  It’s uncontrolled emotional turmoil expressed by fear and is often accompanied by depression and helplessness.

It’s a feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle of exhaustion and terror.

Anxiety is one of the most common reasons men see a therapist.  They discover the effectiveness of proven scientific treatment and stop doubting their chances of living a functional life.  They gain confidence and satisfaction in making right choices, which is often surprising to them.

Men usually try to control their fear and anxiety by going to great extremes arranging the lives in such a way to avoid any reminder or known panic triggers.  They lie if they have to.  And then feel guilty about what that lie costs them.  They hate themselves and realize panic is not really them, it’s just playing a big part in their lives.  They can’t control it and they feel like a helpless victim.

Yes, it’s different for every man.  It’s one situation for this man and another situation for another.  It’s one thing for this man and another thing for another.  Still, the end result is terrifying thoughts.

How I Treat Anxiety 

I use a focused and constant attention to define specifics.  The specifics include memories of triggering experiences that keep flaring up in your mind.  I also address the mental images that contribute to your anxiety.  Those images create beliefs about yourself, people, places and things.  Your beliefs produce the intense fear that gets away from you and becomes too big to control.  Finally, I address the bodily sensations you feel when in panic mode.  The goal is to reduce the impact these elements are having on you and to teach you how to do it yourself.  The process takes between 6 and 10 sessions, sometimes longer depending on the man and his situation.  The goal is a solution.

Physical symptoms of anxiety include:


Rapid heart beat and pain


Cold hands and feet

Tense muscles


Shortness of breath


Dry mouth

Sexual dysfunction


Emotional symptoms of anxiety include:

Always expecting the worst

Fear of losing control or going crazy

Dreadful feelings

Extreme fear

Inability to concentrate

Fear of dying

Avoiding certain places or situations

Feeling like things are not real

Low self-esteem


Signs you may benefit from counseling:

  • Increased distance from your relationships or from your true self
  • Continual conflict over serious and/or trivial things
  • A pervasive unhappiness
  • You’re drinking more
  • No sex:  erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
  • You or your partner want to divorce but you’re undecided about it
  • Ignoring problems
  • Infidelity
  • You notice a pattern with these things

As a counselor, I’m trained and experienced in helping men stop panic attacks.

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Have a question about your unique situation?

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2324 East Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, TX  78702
Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)


What happens when I first meet you?

During the first meeting, I’ll gather information about you.  We’ll get to know each other and build trust.   If you’re uneasy about it, that’s normal.  You’ll tell your story and identify what you want to work on and we’ll create a plan of action.

Does going to counseling mean I’m weak?

No. Like professional athletes, counseling is like coaching. Going to counseling means you’re having normal reactions to life’s events.  It can be a current or past event that needs to be worked on.  Receiving counseling is a sign of assertiveness, of taking control.  It’s getting clarity and a better understanding of yourself, your situation and ways to address your challenge. It’s about taking charge of your life.  Therapy give you tools, insight and direction to achieving your goals.

Am I mentally ill if I need counseling? 

No.  A diagnosis is a description of symptoms, not an illness.  If you want to submit your claim to your insurance, you would need a diagnosis.  There are other risks involved in using insurance.  That’s the next question.

Will my insurance pay for my counseling?

That depends on your insurance plan coverage details.  The majority of men who see me do not use their insurance.   I can provide you with a copy of your bill for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.  Often, a man’s insurance policy has a high deductible and he will still pay out-of-pocket until he meets it and then insurance will assist.  (This is the type of insurance I have.)

Having a mental disorder diagnosis listed with your insurance company follows you throughout your life and makes it hard to get additional insurance coverage.  I want to help you, not to possibly cause you problems later because of a “mental disorder diagnosis”.

Currently, I do not work with any insurance companies.  But I can provide you with a receipt if you want to submit it to your insurance company for reimbursement.

If you want a definite answer about how your insurance company handles an out-of-network visit, call you insurance company and ask them this question:  “What do you reimburse for out-of-network mental health benefits?” Answers will vary based upon insurance company and the insurance plan you have.

Why would I see you if I have insurance?

The men who choose to see me and not use their insurance do so for important reasons:

  • They have worked out with their accountant to write off their sessions with me as coaching, education or training, so they get the tax write-off.
  • They don’t want their insurance to be notified they are in counseling.
  • They don’t want a formal mental disorder diagnosis.
  • They want to see me in private because they don’t want their spouse or employer to know.
  • They want to completely control their mental health records and don’t want them online.
  • They use their Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account and want to use tax-free funds.
  • They want to see a men’s specialist and want to be free to choose who they see
  • They don’t like the therapists on their insurance panel
  • They don’t like being confined to who their insurance company tells them they can see.
  • Their insurance plan reimburses them a certain amount for out-of-pocket/out-of-network mental health visits.

How much information do I need to tell you?

The therapist/client relationship is unique.  You have nothing to prove to me and I’m not appointed as judge.  By law, everything discussed in session is held in strict confidence to protect your privacy.  This encourages openness and honesty allowing us to work together on problems, identify opportunities and your personal strengths.  It helps me understand you better.  Exceptions to confidentiality are when you intend to hurt yourself, another or if there is child abuse.

How many times do I need to see you?

Each man’s situation is different.  Most see me weekly.  After a few sessions, we meet bi-weekly, then monthly.  As each man’s progress is different, we can discuss your situation and plan accordingly.  Therapy is about getting you out of therapy as quickly and effectively as possible.

How do you do therapy?

My sessions are 60 minutes.  I use various treatment models and will discuss each with you.  We’ll identify the approach you’re comfortable with, having the most potential for results.  Each time we meet, I do a brief outcome measure to gauge your progress since our last meeting.  At the end of each session, I’ll get feedback from you to rate the quality of our work , whether what we are doing is on target with what you want to accomplish and make necessary adjustments.  The intention is to make sure you are receiving the service you want, to make sure you are heard and respected. I’ll make sure my approach meets your expectations and is customized to your specific situation.

Why should I choose you over other therapists?

I can only speak for my service and Texas Men’s Therapy.  I do not compare myself to competitors simply because I don’t see them as competitors.  I don’t mean that in an arrogant way, I simply serve a specific, exclusive audience.  I stand by different values.  This is not to say that my competitor’s values are bad, they’re just different.  I focus exclusively on men and that has provided me with specialized knowledge and experience.

Why do you work only with men?

I do my best work with men.  When a man chooses to see me, he does so for various reasons:

  • He feels comfortable with me, we “click”.
  • He believes another man can understand his problems better.
  • He may not be comfortable sharing personal information with a female therapist.
  • He may have mom issues and a female trying to help does not sit right with him.
  • He believes another man’s perspective is best for his situation.
  • He’s had a bad experience with a female therapist.
  • He finds it hard to trust women.
  • He’s more comfortable talking to a male therapist about his sexual problems.
  • He thinks men are better problem-solvers than women.

How soon will I get results?

Every man is different as are his results.  Every situation is different but results depend largely on how committed you are to solving your problem and using what you learn.  I have had clients tell me they have realized a change after one session.  More challenging problems require more time.

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If you like where this is going, let’s test things out.  If it goes well, we’ll continue for as long as it feels right for you.

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2324 East Cesar Chavez Street

Austin, TX  78702

Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)


What was your situation before you started meeting with Richard?

“I felt trapped with no way out.  There was so much I wanted to get accomplished but I was stuck.”

“I underestimated counseling.  When I first spoke to Richard, he helped me realize that what made it hard was to admit wanting counseling and then following through.”

“No matter what I was doing, my whole body felt tense, like I was just about to enter a fight.  That fight was with my mind.”

“I was having some anger problems and my ADD added to my anger.  I felt out of control and I got to the point where even the littlest thing would set me off.  I had even moved out of my house into an apartment for a week to cool off.  That’s when I realized I needed professional help.”

“My wife and I had been arguing.  She was wanting to start an open marriage.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought there was something wrong with me.”

“Ever since I was a boy, I had to be right all the time.  I was very independent and I didn’t care about how other people saw me or what they thought.  I’m getting married soon.  My fiancé and I argue a lot.  She tells me that I’m stubborn and that she is having second thoughts about marrying me.”

“My addiction was ruining my family.”

“I was working through anxiety, depression, worry and control of alcohol, to a degree, and it wasn’t going well.  It was affecting my marriage, increasing my drinking and my ability to concentrate at work.  I’ve been to counseling in the past when I was younger and when I was in my first marriage.  I also have some baggage from a trauma.”

“I was rarely content and peace was always just one step ahead of me.”

“I doubted the success I had and I always made things difficult for myself.  I couldn’t concentrate on what I needed to accomplish and I couldn’t get past my past.”

What was the reason you contacted him?

“My fiancé contacted him because I wouldn’t.  I thought I didn’t need counseling and that it was my fiancé who had the problem.  I love my fiancé and I swallowed my pride.  I think I did it to prove her wrong.”

“I was looking for the right fit to have someone help me figure out the issues I constantly try to push back and forget.  I had tried marriage counseling but I wasn’t ready for it then.  I decided I was ready when I couldn’t push back anymore.”

“Something inside me knew my marriage needed help.  My wife comes from a traumatic background, so I went with her to help her but I was also helped through this situation.”

“I was having some serious questions about my life and what I had worked for.  I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted after losing my wife.  I couldn’t think straight.”

What were your concerns about counseling?

“I’m a professional.  To me, counseling was a sign that I was weak, that I was less than a man.  I was forced into manhood because my dad left us when I was young.  It became my responsibility to do grown-up duties.  I never asked my dad for help with anything, so why should I ask a stranger?”

“I felt like going to see the counselor was like going to the principal’s office.  I was being punished.”

“I felt like I was up against a wall and I had no other choice.  I didn’t go willingly.  I didn’t think talking about my personal life would help. I felt it was none of anyone’s business.”

What results did you get?

“I worked my way through my ambivalence about staying in my marriage.  I kept my self-respect through it and learned how my life history has impacted how my life had turned out.  I realized that I should have taken action before I landed at that low point.”

“Counseling was not what I had expected.  Richard and I developed a working alliance quickly, like a pilot/co-pilot sort of thing.  We focused on what I wanted and he gave me some very useful techniques to use in my life.”

“My wife still left me.  It was a horrible divorce. That was the most hurtful thing I’ve experienced but I made it through and now I’m moving on with my life.”

“Patience.  I learned patience with myself.”

“I took control over my situation.”

What did you like most about counseling?

“I like how Richard just set the bar just high enough so that I felt good about my ability to take control of my panic attacks.  But, he also set the bar low enough that I felt I could make the jump even though I’ve had panic attacks for years.”

“Meeting with Richard helped me get my story out.  He helped me see what I went through differently.  I wasn’t coping very well.  I made some bad choices for the right reasons. Asking for help didn’t weaken me.  It made me stronger.”

“As a single man, I was having a sort of spiritual crisis.  Richard helped me realize that I was placing too much emphasis on something that really wasn’t that important.  He helped me let things be what they were and focus my energy on something that gave me results.”

“I felt isolated.  I was anxious all the time and depressed.  Now, I try to live my life more balanced.  My home and professional life are much better.  I recommend Richard because he’s conscientious, practical and focuses on solutions.”

“I took the risk and made time to focus on my own needs and my personal growth.”

“I got back the respect I had lost at home and I can function better at work.”

“These guys are very special to me.  They reflect my client’s real thoughts.  And whose opinions could be more important?” — Richard

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If you like where this is going, let’s test things out.  If it continues to go well, we’ll keep doing it for as long as it feels right. 

First, let’s see if we’re a good fit.


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2324 East Cesar Chavez Street

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Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)


I’m Here When You’re Ready


Servicing zip codes 78701 (Warehouse District), 78702 (East Austin), 78703 (Downtown)