What was your situation before you started meeting with Richard?

“I felt trapped with no way out.  There was so much I wanted to get accomplished but I was stuck.”

“I was looking to gain more insight on multiple issues with stress, erectile dysfunction and an unfaithful wife.  I needed to find skills to love myself again. Further, to decide if I was able to stay with my wife.”

“I underestimated counseling.  I had tried different ways to cope with my anxiety, depression and anger.  When I first spoke to Richard, he helped me realize that what made it hard was to admit wanting counseling and then following through.”

“No matter what I was doing, my whole body felt tense, like I was just about to enter a fight.  That fight was with my mind.”

“I was having some anger problems and my ADD added to my anger.  I felt out of control and I got to the point where even the littlest thing would set me off.  I had even moved out of my house into an apartment for a week to cool off.  That’s when I realized I needed professional help.”

“My wife and I had been arguing.  She was wanting to start an open marriage.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought there was something wrong with me.”

“Ever since I was a boy, I had to be right all the time.  I was very independent and I didn’t care about how other people saw me or what they thought.  I’m getting married soon.  My fiancé and I argue a lot.  She tells me that I’m stubborn and that she is having second thoughts about marrying me.”

“My addiction was ruining my family.”

“I was working through anxiety, depression, worry and control of alcohol, to a degree, and it wasn’t going well.  It was affecting my marriage, increasing my drinking and my ability to concentrate at work.  I’ve been to counseling in the past when I was younger and when I was in my first marriage.  I also have some baggage from a trauma.”

“I was rarely content and peace was always just one step ahead of me.”

“I doubted the success I had and I always made things difficult for myself.  I couldn’t concentrate on what I needed to accomplish and I couldn’t get past my past.”

What was the reason you contacted him?

“My fiancé contacted him because I wouldn’t.  I thought I didn’t need counseling and that it was my fiancé who had the problem.  I love my fiancé and I swallowed my pride.  I think I did it to prove her wrong.”

“I was looking for the right fit to have someone help me figure out the issues I constantly try to push back and forget.  I had tried marriage counseling but I wasn’t ready for it then.  I decided I was ready when I couldn’t push back anymore.”

“Something inside me knew my marriage needed help.  My wife comes from a traumatic background, so I went with her to help her but I was also helped through this situation.”

“I was having some serious questions about my life and what I had worked for.  I didn’t know where I was going and what I wanted after losing my wife.  I couldn’t think straight.”

“My wife is a hard woman to get along with.  I didn’t want to divorce her and I was determined to stay with her and be a father to my children.  I needed to learn somehow to achieve what I wanted in spite of my situation and I wanted to work through my frustration without sharing my personal life with my friends or family members.”

What were your concerns about counseling?

“I’m a professional.  To me, counseling was a sign that I was weak, that I was less than a man.  I was forced into manhood because my dad left us when I was young.  It became my responsibility to do grown-up duties.  I never asked my dad for help with anything, so why should I ask a stranger?”

“I felt like going to see the counselor was like going to the principal’s office.  I was being punished.”

“I felt like I was up against a wall and I had no other choice.  I didn’t go willingly.  I didn’t think talking about my personal life would help. I felt it was none of anyone’s business.  Add not knowing what to expect to that.”

“I’ve been anxious ever since I can remember.  I didn’t know how or why it started so I didn’t know how or why it would end.”

What results did you get?

“I worked my way through my ambivalence about staying in my marriage.  I kept my self-respect through it and learned how my life history has impacted how my life had turned out.  I realized that I should have taken action before I landed at that low point.”

“I feel confident in using the skills I learned.  I made sense of what happened to me after so long of a time of just enduring and self-medicating.”

“Counseling was not what I had expected.  Richard and I developed a working alliance quickly, like a pilot/co-pilot sort of thing.  We focused on what I wanted and he gave me some very useful techniques to use in my life.”

“My wife still left me.  It was a horrible divorce. That was the most hurtful thing I’ve experienced but I made it through and now I’m moving on with my life.”

“Patience.  I learned patience with myself.”

“I took control over my situation.”

What did you like most about counseling?

“I like how Richard set the bar just high enough so that I felt good about my ability to take control of my panic attacks.  But, he also set the bar low enough that I felt I could make the jump even though I’ve had panic attacks for years.”

“Meeting with Richard helped me get my story out.  He helped me see what I went through differently.  I wasn’t coping very well.  I made some bad choices for the right reasons. Asking for help didn’t weaken me.  It made me stronger.”

“As a single man, I was having a sort of spiritual crisis.  Richard helped me realize that I was placing too much emphasis on something that really wasn’t that important.  He helped me let things be what they were and focus my energy on something that gave me results.”

“I felt isolated.  I was anxious all the time and depressed.  Now, I try to live my life more balanced.  My home and professional life are much better.  I recommend Richard because he’s conscientious, practical and focuses on solutions.”

“I took the risk and made time to focus on my own needs and my personal growth.”

“I got back the respect I had lost at home and I can function better at work.”

“These guys are very special to me.  They reflect my client’s real thoughts.  And whose opinions could be more important?” — Richard

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