I like men who have had multiple failures before I work with them.

I love the sting of failure as a motivational tool for a man who wants to succeed versus a man who disregards his failures.

That man is not ready for prime time work.

I love what failure does to our way of thinking.  It brings fear and fear is a great motivator.

So we have fear, passion and opportunity.  The greatest of these is execution skills.

There’s nothing worst than having a vision without execution.

Having a vision is easy.

Executing is hard.

Great men know their weaknesses and surround themselves with solutions.

I not only do therapy, I built my life with it.

I’m Richard Pino, a board certified therapist providing counseling and relationship coaching for men in Austin, Texas.

I work exclusively with men.

This is my passion and this is my calling.

I’ve accomplished a ton in my 58 years.

I’m a husband of 35 years, father to three grown sons, father-in-law to three daughters and “Pop” to 6 grandchildren.



My sons and I, 1989

I’ve also overcome a dysfunctional upbringing and the anger, anxiety and depression that came with it.

I also worked through how it affected my life and my relationships.

And, I’ve gained control over my anxiety that I never thought possible.

I have a relationship I never thought possible.

It hasn’t come easy.

I’ve learned that one has to fight for what one wants and continue to fight to keep it.

I’ve also worked through my losses, regrets and trauma.

As a licensed therapist, I work with you to refine your relationship skills, work through ambivalence to get through the challenge you face and move on with your life.

As a fellow man, I help you make educated decisions about your masculine journey and guide you in planning your way to get where you want to be.

It’s never been harder to be a man than now.

And there’s never been greater opportunities to meet those challenges.

How I can help you

My goal is to help you stop worrying about your life, to help you enjoy life more.

I help you find solutions and support the issues you face as a man.

I have worked with men of different ages, cultures and sexual orientation.

Each man was more than just part of a therapist/client arrangement.  These were working partnerships unique to each man, unique to each challenge each man faced.

Because each man has a different story and goal, so does my work.

Some clients are struggling with a new or established marriage, others are battling the effects of past relationships, an addiction, a traumatic history or a mixture of all these.

On top of all that, the men I see are not connecting with their partner. They’re striving to fix what needs fixing.  They’ve already made great efforts to get through, but its not working.

My passion is to help each man, not only make his life the best it can be, but to help him learn new skills to immediately start getting his life headed in the right direction.

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