Insider’s Guide: The Only Thing You Need From Your Therapist

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When you buy a grill, it comes with a promise it will do what it does.  But, how often do you hear of a guarantee for housekeeping, babysitting or photography services?  Very seldom.

A guarantee, especially from your therapist, should be the most valuable part of that service.

Throughout the history of counseling, it’s been generally held that counseling services cannot be guaranteed.  Humans are unpredictable deliverers of services.  You can inspect furniture but how can you pre-inspect a massage or a will that didn’t hold up in court or a bad haircut?

Though that is the case, you can still get your satisfaction guaranteed.

I don’t believe offering flawless service is a crazy idea.  I have my guarantee designed and implemented in a way that points me toward what I want to accomplish and I have a way to gather the information I need to improve.

With today’s information deluge and competition, customers rightfully expect flawless service.

A service guarantee creates outstanding service quality, which produces little need to pay out a guarantee.  Still, there should be a minimal amount paid out to support the validity of that guarantee.

A therapist who began their practice with a foundational satisfaction guarantee creates a practice supporting excellent client service and satisfaction.

So, what’s a good guarantee?

Would your therapist be willing to make good on a 100% money back guarantee?  Or, do they believe offering flawless service doesn’t make sense?

It makes complete sense because having a therapist committed to flawless service forces them to deliver it.  They have to be willing to put themselves out there for you as you’re putting yourself out there.

Can a therapist provide you an unconditional guarantee since your environment is outside the control of your relationship with your therapist? I simply guarantee overall satisfaction.

A good service guarantee addresses what’s important to you.  It’s also financially meaningful.  If you’re dissatisfied, you get a full refund.  The refund should be big enough to encourage you to ask for your money back.

It should be easy to get and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.  If you’re not satisfied, the therapist should reassure you to ask for a refund.  There should be no hindrances or silence.

A guarantee should be quick and easy to activate.  Ideally, right there and then.

What A Guarantee Means To You

 A therapist focused on providing you excellent service, according to your definition, is better than one working off his own definition.  It informs the therapist what you expect of them.  It also increases your confidence with the therapist, knowing the therapist has “skin in the game.”  It supports a better connection with your therapist and contributes to a higher quality of therapy.

A therapist offering a guarantee is showing pride, care and concern and you have evidence to support your complaint, if dissatisfied.

Service guarantees show initiative, problem solving and intention to recover from service failure.  This sets the tone that the therapist is demanding your satisfaction.  It shows their commitment to doing all they can to deliver.

What About Uncontrollable Circumstances?

There are factors out of your control that contribute to or create problems.  Such things as your significant other, your living situation and other human interactions restrict even the most capable therapist.

But, how a therapist responds to the impact of these factors strongly influences your satisfaction.  When things go wrong or get worse, a capable therapist will make the extra effort to help you handle the problem.

Why couldn’t a therapist, who has refined their skills, guarantee your complete satisfaction–uncontrollable circumstances be damned?

Would you claim your guarantee if you knew the complication was out of the therapist’s control-if you were treated with concern and sensitivity?

A therapist’s guarantee shows his focus on preventing slipshod service, not cleaning up after it.  Preventing shoddy service is a routine part of a therapist’s practice who offer a 100% money back guarantee.

A therapist’s satisfaction guarantee is their commitment to you.

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